Barber & Hair Stylist
The man whose company bears his name, Vincent is a second generation barber who continues the family tradition of clipping and cutting with an old world charm. Vince is a man’s man hair stylist who makes you feel comfortable and safe knowing his skillful hands are behind the clipper. When you’re in his chair you immediately feel relaxed, instantly leaving the outside world behind. With him you’ll catch up on life, chat it up about sports, life, love, and always share a good laugh.
An astute barber, he knows the look that makes the man and knows what style best expresses your personality. Vince is the type of barber that makes you feel nostalgia for the good old days when the barber knew your name, knew your cut, and was always good for a joke. Whether you want a little off the top, your ears lowered, a tapered fade, a mohawk or the Brad Pitt look, Vince will make it happen.

Experience: 30+ Years

Style: Clipper Cut & Hair Styling


Precision Hair Stylist
The other half to Vincent’s Haircutting’s husband and wife team, Linda is great for the moms and kids, however her talented hands can benefit any head of hair. A born stylist, she has spent her life devoted to everything hair. Linda lives for the seeing the happy face of a customer who is thrilled with their new style. She knows which look can best accent a face and she’s an expert at styling, coloring, clipper cutting and perms.
With over 31 years of experience she knows her way around the head. Linda is always current with the latest trends and styles and frequents hair shows, conventions and modern styling classes. She has an eye for color, a flair for creativity and with her warm and bubbly personality she makes you feel less like your getting a cut and more like you’re catching up with an old friend.

Experience: 30+ Years

Style: Moms, Kids and the Men in between


Precision Hair Stylist
Melody, the daughter of a cosmetologist and beautician, she’s the all-American good girl from the friendly Midwestern state of Iowa. While in high school she was seeking a career path and on a suggestion from a close friend she decided to give hair a try. Instantly realizing her knack for cutting and styling, a career was born. During college she began studying the art of haircutting and not long afterwards she was one of the most in demand stylist at her shop.
A few years later she met Vincent and Linda, immediately connecting, they have been cutting hair and sharing laughs ever since. Melody is a versatile stylist who can work with any type of hair, from cutting, coloring, highlights, perms, clipper cuts and more. Melody proves you can have a look as wonderful as the person who gave it to you.

Experience: 25+ Years

Style: Any Hair, Anywhere